Participating in the Central Anatolia Career Fair organized in cooperation with the Presidential Human Resources Office and Anadolu University in Eskişehir, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez made statements about the natural gas in the Black Sea and the oil discoveries in Şırnak Gabar Mountain.

Stating that some people did not believe in the discovery offshore in the Black Sea, and the number of believers increased as the stages progressed, Dönmez said, “The last time we burned on land, the system is also given this month. On the other hand, our President gave two good news to our citizens at the opening. One of them is a kitchen use of 25 cubic meters. “It is given free of charge for a year, and the other one is to meet all the bills in the first month. The bills started to go out. Consumption values ​​are written there, but ‘zero’ cost is like ‘Congratulations to our Black Sea gas’. We also get extremely positive feedback.” used the phrase.

“The developments in these recent years significantly reduce our imports”

Minister Dönmez said that the announcement of the new oil reserve discovered in Gabar Mountain by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was met with excitement in the country.

Emphasizing that the good news that will break and reduce Turkey’s dependence on foreign energy has begun to follow, Dönmez continued as follows:

“Why is this happening? Of course, our President is determined to stand behind this project, our team is devoted to this work and believe in it. My Mevla grants it when we seek it and when we work. We are indeed experiencing extremely pleasing moments and days. 5 years ago, our oil production was daily. It was in the band of 40-50 thousand barrels. We closed last year with 80 thousand barrels. With this last field, we will have the opportunity to produce an additional 100 thousand barrels in a few years. Thus, our annual production will be able to meet almost 20 percent of our consumption, maybe a little more.

One of our most important items in imports is energy imports; Oil and natural gas. The developments in these recent years have significantly reduced our imports. It will have a very positive contribution to our current account deficit. Last year alone, there was $95 billion in energy imports, including oil and natural gas. The more we produce, the less foreign currency we will pay abroad.”

“As long as terrorism is cleared, we will speed up our searches in those areas”

Dönmez reminded that the well in Gabar was named after the martyr teacher Şenay Aybüke Yalçın.

Explaining that they named a well in Gabar after Esma Çevik, last year, Dönmez said, “These martyrs are our public servants. They were martyred while they were working. We gave their name to these fields to keep them alive in our memories as long as those fields were active.” he said.

Noting that this discovery would significantly change Turkey’s “unfortunate fortune” in energy, Dönmez said, “Because there are many more regions that we will look for in that area. Why couldn’t we enter there for years? There was terrorism, we couldn’t enter there because of terrorism. Maybe this is one of the reasons for terrorism. Now As long as they are cleared of terrorism, we will speed up our searches and investigations in those areas.” he said.

Studies on nuclear energy

Minister Fatih Dönmez reminded that they brought nuclear fuel to the nuclear power plant in Mersin and that the plant in question gained the status of a nuclear facility.

Noting that when the 4 units at the facility come into operation, it is capable of meeting 10 percent of the country’s electricity consumption, Dönmez said:

“Unfortunately, nuclear technology was a field that we did not have and could not realize. The issue should not be seen only in the context of energy. Nuclear technology is also used in different fields, especially in the field of health. Nuclear medicine is used extensively in such processes, both in imaging, diagnosis and treatment. Our engineers and experts are now heading towards the point where they can develop themselves and conduct research in these fields.We have a Nuclear Research Institute under the Turkish Energy, Nuclear and Mining Research Institute (TENMAK).We have established the equipment and infrastructure to be used in special researches and trials, as well as to meet our needs in the field of medicine. “We have a proton accelerator, such as

Emphasizing that new good news may come, Dönmez said, “Our work is progressing. As we get results, of course, new good news will come. Our citizens should follow us. Keep watching us.” said.

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