UÇAKSAN, operating in Bursa, has recently started engine with the training and general purpose aircraft it has developed. After the engine start tests, the Troy T200 took off and taxied for the first time as part of the ground tests. The successful taxi test at Yunuseli Airport was captured by Anadolu Agency.

“Our plane actually gave the fruit of 4 years today”

In a statement after the test, UÇAKSAN CEO Emre Balcı said that while he was developing software projects in his own company, he started aircraft projects 4 years ago.

Stating that as a technology company, they aim to work on different technologies and produce solutions, Balcı said, “I made an airplane simulator 7-8 years ago. It was an animated airplane simulator. The idea of ​​making an airplane came to my mind 4 years ago and we started this project. Our airplane is actually 4 years old. “The year bore fruit. After the engine tests, it also started the taxi tests. We concluded it successfully. The next process is now in flight tests. There are no problems or problems. Hopefully, we aim to see this in the skies.” said.

“We chose this name to market our aircraft in the global market”

Balcı stated that they named the plane “Troy” because it is a global name. This is how it will be understood that it is a Turkish product.” used the phrases.

“We wanted to create a high-end aircraft”

Noting that Turkey entered this field too late, Balcı said that not many aircraft have been produced in the civilian field for the last 70 years.

Stressing that they do not want to be left behind after entering this field, Balcı said:

“We wanted to create a high-end aircraft with the Troy T200. Our aircraft is 750 kilograms, a VLA class aircraft. It has different features compared to others. Our aircraft is completely made of carbon composite. We did not use any metal. In addition, we have a hit of up to 10 tons with titanium alloy landing gear. -Taking off is not a problem. Our aircraft is fully equipped with electronic systems, it uses completely glass cockpit systems, which we call Garmin. Everything is controlled electronically. The aircraft also has its own parachute system against emergency situations. At the same time, we have an engine in accordance with accreditation. “

Able to perform many tasks

Balcı, who gave information about the tasks that the Troy T200 can undertake, said that they first designed it as a training aircraft. Stating that the need for flight training in both military and civilian areas can be met with the Troy T200, Balcı said, “Normally, we produce it as a 2-seater, in fact, it is a 4-seater plane. said.

When asked about the flight date they planned, Balcı said, “We are ready for our flight as soon as we get the permission to fly.” gave the answer.

Balcı also gave information about the market potential of Troy T200 and said:

“When you try to buy an airplane in this class, they give you a minimum of 1-1,5 years ahead. After a big market and the pandemic, it started to grow much more, there is a lot of demand. Factories can’t keep up with it. Our target is to spend 2023 with tests and certification and as of 2024. to start mass production and start sales.

In the first place, we actually learned how to make airplanes on the T200. With these experiences, we have a 4-seater plane now ready by putting only two seats, changing the engine and making it stronger. In addition, we will lengthen the body by 80 cm and enlarge it to 6 people. We will also make our aircraft usable for spraying and fire extinguishing purposes.”

The target is to fly with a domestic engine

Explaining that they do everything on the aircraft, except for the avionics and the engine, Emre Balcı said, “We are considering integrating domestic engines into our aircraft if there is a progress in engine in the future. We have done theoretical trials of domestic engines produced in Turkey. Especially the PD produced by TEI. “We theoretically integrated the -170 engine into our aircraft and we saw that it fits completely. There is no problem. We will see in practice in the future. Our goal is the skies, I hope the next generation will produce much more beautiful aircraft with this aircraft.” made its assessment.

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