Nureddin Nebati, the AK Party’s deputy candidate for Mersin, said that they came to the city to work and serve together, at the meeting where he met with business people from the Southeast at the restaurant.

Explaining the cultural, social and political developments in Turkey in 21 years, Nebati stated that they do not allow anyone to be marginalized.

Nabati said that investments were made in the country in every field and the incomes of workers, public employees and retirees were increased.

“Our budget is one of the strongest in the world”

Emphasizing that global crises such as the Kovid-19 epidemic and the Russia-Ukraine war and the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake did not make them feel the effects, Minister Nebati said:

“This earthquake, under normal conditions, stops a country for a year. But we continued our work. The negative effect in those first days of February is now completely gone. While we were waiting for the recovery in the second half, the impact in the first quarter was low, the recovery started from the second quarter. Because Turkey’s infrastructure “A country that has finished its investments. When we look at indebtedness, we are one of the countries with the least debt in the world. Real sector, public sector, households, we are below the Maastricht Criteria in all of them. We are lower than all international organizations and our budget is one of the strongest in the world.”

Pointing out that the interest expenses and the indebtedness ratio have decreased, Nebati said, “Turkey is actually one of the strongest countries in the world, both in terms of the country’s development, budget, infrastructure investments and indebtedness.” made its assessment.

“In the Black Sea, it will be hydrogen’s turn”

Stating that Turkey has extracted its own natural gas and oil, developed its own projects in the defense industry and entered the top 5 in the world in this field, Nebati continued as follows:

“We are a country that produces its own plane, tank and ship. We are capable of finding and extracting natural gas. We have accelerated the gold processing, our boron mine is already enough on its own and hydrogen in the Black Sea… Think about who would have wanted solar energy 20 years ago, since the costs are a bit high right now. “Costs are falling, get ready for hydrogen in the Black Sea. We are detonating, God willing. The defense industry, energy is a country that meets all these. It imported 28 billion dollars in 2020, 54 billion dollars in 2021, and 103 billion dollars last year. Therefore, this country, whose foreign trade deficit and current account deficit have reached high levels, meets the current account deficit very easily.Let them decrease, let alone go down, when the 28s reach 50 billion dollars, only and only the current account deficit will be zeroed in an energy import of 50 billion dollars. Now you When you make production instead of the electricity, gas and oil you import, you have already solved this problem. We are heading towards a fully independent Turkey in 2028.”

“May 14 is a fight about the survival of the country”

Referring to the successes in the fight against terrorism, Nabati said, “May 14 is a fight based on continuing these gains, cutting gains and dividing the country. This is not a fight for the displacement of political power. This is not a fight for power at all. This is a fight about the survival of a country. ” said.

Commenting on the presidential candidate and CHP Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s promise to enter the European Union without a visa, Nebati said:

“You are selling the country for the sake of a visa. God forbid, you are starting fights that will lead to the division of the country, you are the cause, and you bring down this tremendous growth trend of the country. Thus, you hand over the safe to the IMF. This is the Turkish language. It means ‘For the sake of a visa, O Lord! hand over your permanence.’ That’s why we don’t see May 14 as a struggle for power. We see it as a struggle with internal and external collaborators fighting against the survival of Turkey. For him, May 14 is very valuable. Now they are trying to finish this work with their internal collaborators by heavily on Turkey with magazines. . May 14 is the battle of it.”

Nebati noted that they will continue to support Exenpay Yeni Mersin İdmanyurdu, which is competing in the TFF 3rd League.

AK Party Mersin Provincial President Adem Aldemir and business people attended the program.

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