Bilgin, who is the AK Party Ankara deputy candidate, answered questions about the agenda in Haber Global’s live broadcast.

Bilgin said that with the “Great Istanbul Meeting” organized by the AK Party in the Atatürk Airport Nation’s Garden, the nation said “We will walk with you”.

Stating that the nation itself responded to the attacks against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Bilgin said, “It comes from international media circles and centers of international politics. There is an attack against Turkey. Therefore, the Turkish nation is responding to all these attacks. The nation has clearly explained the meaning of this great march. way he saw it.” he said.

Noting that they have always tried to protect the workers against inflation, Bilgin continued as follows:

“As you know, the collective bargaining processes that we carry out with a mass of more than 700 thousand workers are a negotiation. It is not only a negotiation, it takes place in an atmosphere of contention. Our unions have reached a certain point, they have come to a certain point, they have revealed the points that they can and cannot agree on. At that stage, we step in. In favor of labor. “We have to intervene because the social state has to protect the workers against both the capital and the state. We looked at the issue with our duty, and the issue has almost come to an end, to the point of reconciliation. Tomorrow, with the participation of our President, we will share with the public how this reconciliation took shape. We will share the figure tomorrow.”

“There will be a rate of approximately 500 dollars”

Minister Bilgin stated that they took a historical step regarding the increase in the minimum wage to be made in July and that they excluded income from tax, “There has been no tax from the minimum wage for 1.5 years. “We made an arrangement in January. We will do the same in July. The rate will be approximately 500 dollars. Our work is ready.” used the expressions

Bilgin, who was asked about the renewal claims regarding the pension system among the Old at Retirement (EYT), stated that EYT has been a problem for nearly 20 years and they have solved it.

Noting that President Erdogan asked him to work on this issue, Bilgin said, “At that time, the average age was low. The system was not in a position to handle it. We started preparing before the pandemic. The average age was 50, we couldn’t have done it if it was lower. This is the right time. It’s a little bit.” “We could have waited longer, but we wanted this injustice to be rectified as soon as possible. 50 is the age when we can maintain the balance. Around 1 million people have been paid their salaries, those who cannot be tied up quickly, they will get their bonuses. Those who are not will receive both their bonuses and their accumulated salaries. No one has any loss of rights.” made its assessment.

Minister Bilgin stated that they have applied a gradual increase in pensions and that they will increase the salaries above 7 thousand liras by a certain rate up to 10 thousand.

“Probably a refinery will be built here”

Stating that they built almost a field full of research vessels, oil extraction units, units and technologies in Turkey, Bilgin said:

“That day, I was there at the ceremony of connecting the natural gas to the land. We experienced that excitement, the excitement in Filyos with our workers there and our citizens who attended the ceremony. This is an extraordinary event. Now, oil came out on Gabar Mountain, which has been known for years with terror. And this oil is Turkey. “There is more oil than all of the oil in Turkey so far. A refinery will probably be built here. Turkey probably has a source of maybe 40 years, maybe 50 years that it can use on its own. These will meet a certain part of the energy needs of the Turkish economy.”

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