The samples brought to the surface at Yagbasan-1 Exploration Field are sent by tankers to the oil refinery in Aliaga district of Izmir for analysis.

Geophysical Engineer Adnan Karataş, who owns a drilling company in Manisa and conducts research independently in the region, told reporters that the works in Yağbasan are promising and that the installed horsehead pump increases the expectation for oil.

Noting that the liquid coming out of the well drilled for irrigation purposes last year was examined by TPAO and it was understood that 95 percent of the sample was water and 5 percent oil as a result of the measurement, Karataş said, “For this reason, TPAO installed a production-purpose horsehead pump here. Thanks to this horsehead, the oil in the reservoir will be extracted.” said.

Explaining that they guessed that the oil coming out of the well was leaking from the nearby fault fractures, Karataş said, “This is why TPAO aims to achieve better results by conducting seismic, gravity or electrical studies in the future. They also aim to drill in a new field about 500 meters east of us. Here, TPAO’ Authorized friends from Turkey will work. They aim to work between 200-300 meters.” he said.

Karataş stated that the oil exploration activities in the region excited the people living in the region and said:

“This has created a joy in the region, we look forward to the continuation of this. 250 meters of drilling is currently being produced. This is currently a test production, a second well will be built according to the test production. After that, if necessary, seismic research will be carried out along this line and deeper drilling can be done.

Oil was found while trying to irrigate the olive grove

A black liquid was found in the borehole drilled on May 28 last year for irrigation of Mustafa Yüksel’s olive garden in Yagbasan District.

After the examination, TPAO opened the “Yağbasan-1 Well” for oil exploration in July. It was announced that the amount of crude oil reserves in the region will be determined with the study carried out to determine the oil source with the rotary drilling technique in an area of ​​​​approximately 14 thousand square meters.

In a vineyard in the region, it was determined that black liquid came out of a well opened in January to find water.

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