Abdulmeleki, at the press conference he held at the Iran Export Fair (IRAN EXPO 2023) in the capital Tehran, noted that they had talks with 18 countries for the establishment of a joint free trade zone.

Stating that they also held talks with Turkey on this issue, Abdulmeleki said, “In the last few months, our experts have generally held online negotiations with their interlocutors.” he said.

Noting that a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a joint free trade zone has been prepared, Abdulmeleki stated that the said agreement will be signed in a month or two.

Abdulmeleki stated that they had positive meetings with Turkey at the parliamentary level in the past months, and that they also visited two free trade zones in Turkey.

Stating that they aim to have a good cooperation by sharing mutual experience, Abdulmeleki expressed that they focused on the transfer of technology necessary for a good management of the free trade zone.

Abdulmeleki stated that they are waiting for the signing of the memorandum, and that they will start the activities of the free trade zone by addressing legal, technical and geographical issues after the signing.

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