AK Party Deputy Chairman Jülide Sarıeroğlu stated that they set out with the claim of building the “Century of Turkey” and said that they will continue their work from where they left off with a strong result in the Presidential and 28th Term Parliamentary Elections to be held on 14 May.

Stating that strong societies are based on social policies and strong economies, Sarıeroğlu noted that for 21 years, there has been change and transformation for Turkey both in terms of social policy and economy.

Pointing out that there is a period called social revolution in which disabled, elderly, women and young people and all disadvantaged groups are supported and strengthened with social policies, Sarıeroğlu said, “I hope we will strengthen our country and our citizens with the policies we have developed over this period.” he said.

“It will be a model that will cover all our housewives”

Stating that one of the most important social policy topics in the new period is the Family Protection Shield Program, Sarıeroğlu said, “Within the scope of the program, there was the issue of retirement that our housewives have been waiting for years. Hopefully, taking into account the depreciation and the number of children, there will be a new option for our housewives to be optionally insured by the state in the coming period. We will create a model. It will be a model that will cover all our housewives.” said.

Citizenship salary application will be determined for each family.

Explaining that they will work to encourage new marriages, Sarıeroğlu continued as follows:

“We are establishing a bank called the Family and Youth Bank. When our young people set out on a new path and want to start a family, we will provide support of 150 thousand liras without payment for 2 years, in 48 monthly installments, without interest. Our state will strongly support our young people to take a step towards marriage. Family-oriented. “We will implement our complementary income support. I hope our state will be with our families in every process with the citizenship pension application, which we support families to keep the living standards of our citizens at a certain level. There will be a model that will be determined specifically for each family according to the number of children in the family, the individuals in the family, and the needs of the family.”

Noting that the AK Party will also carry out new activities for the disabled and the elderly, Sarıeroğlu said:

“The care insurance application for the disabled and the elderly will come into effect during this period. The families of the disabled people always expressed the thought of ‘what will happen if a disabled child is left behind if something happens to us’. We will implement a new model. In our families with the elderly and the disabled, the process related to the entry of people who take care of them into working life could not occur comfortably. We are realizing one of the most requested demands from us. Our state will provide partial insurance to people who take care of the disabled and the elderly and receive home care support Our state will cover a strong part of this.”,

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