The site management sector expects a discount in housing fees

Yahya Sağır, President of the Facility Managers Federation, said that they had the opportunity to communicate their problems by meeting with the Minister Institution in Istanbul as the sector.

After the meeting of the Minister Institution, Sağır said, “Our site administrations had a request from us regarding the burden of 18 percent VAT. We are starting a process that will determine the situation and prepare solution proposals. Hopefully, we will contribute to the solution of this problem by putting our hands on the responsibility.” He reminded me of his statement.

Stating that as the Federation, they have previously conveyed their suggestions to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Ministry regarding the solution of the problems concerning the condominium owners and site management companies, Sağır said that the Minister said that the Institution is working towards these demands.

In this context, Sağır stated that they made requests such as exemption of fees from 18 percent VAT, certification of site management companies by the Ministry, keeping registry records of site managers and requesting professional qualification certificates from these people. Emphasizing that they also conveyed their requests to the Ministry of Interior regarding the site administrations, Sağır said that they brought up issues such as security weakness in the sites and the seizure of these administrations by some sections.

For these reasons, Sağır pointed out that they wanted a private security requirement to be introduced in all residences of 300 independent sections and above, and informed that they were informed that the works in this direction were completed.

“Malicious people will not be administrators”

Noting that all these demands were met positively by the relevant public institutions, Sağır also noted the following regarding the developments to be experienced when these demands are concluded:

“Our Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Murat Kurum announced that they have started the process for 18 percent VAT burden on estate administrations. When outsourced services in estates and apartments are exempted from 18 percent VAT, there will be an 18 percent decrease in dues. Demand for estate administrations Since the companies providing management services and site management will be subject to audits, people will not be able to be site or facility managers as they wish in sites and apartments managed by malicious and malicious people. Professional competence and registry of those who want to open a site and facility management company or aspire to site management record will be searched.”

Deaf, mentioning that there are problems in ensuring the security of the owners living in the estates with a large number of independent sections, said, “With the new regulation, it will be necessary to have private security in the estates of 300 or more. With these applications, the quality of service will be increased, the problems experienced by the condominium owners in the estates will be prevented, and accountable site managers. will be,” he said.

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