According to the statement made by KTU, biologists, office personnel, support personnel, other technical service personnel, other health personnel, dietitian, midwife, pharmacist, physiotherapist, nurse, protection and security officer, engineer, psychologist, health physicist, health technician, technician A total of 492 personnel, including technicians and veterinarians, will be recruited.

In the specified titles, except for the pharmacist, without a written or oral exam, Secondary Education 2022 KPSS (B) group exam (KPSSP94), Associate degree 2022 KPSS (B) group exam (KPSS93), Undergraduate 2022 KPSS (B) group exam (KPSSP3) based on score type will be purchased in order.

Applications regarding the recruitment of 4/B contracted personnel will be received by hand between 11-25 May.

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