According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports decreased by 3 percent in the 4 months of this year compared to the same period of the previous year, and decreased to 80 billion 873 million dollars.

In the January-April period, Turkey’s industrial exports decreased by 7.4 percent to 58 billion 196 million dollars. Despite the negative reflections of global and national developments on exports, there were sectors that came to the fore by breaking export records within the industry.

The share of the industrial sector in Turkey’s total exports reached 72 percent.

Leather and leather products, automotive industry, electricity and electronics, machinery and accessories, jewelry, defense and aviation industry, air conditioning industry realized the highest January-April exports of all time.

Automotive industry exports exceeded 11 billion dollars

Leather and leather products 716 million 608 thousand dollars, automotive industry 11 billion 310 million dollars, electricity and electronics 5 billion 220 million dollars, machinery and accessories 3 billion 637 million dollars, jewelery 2 billion 157 million dollars, defense and aerospace industry 1 billion 507 million dollars, the air conditioning industry realized the highest 4-month export of all time with 2 billion 317 million dollars.

In the 4 months of this year, leather and leather products 4.1 percent, automotive industry 11 percent, electricity and electronics 6.2 percent, machinery and accessories 8.9 percent, jewelry industry 19 percent, defense and aerospace industry 12.7 percent, air conditioning industry Exports increased by 3.2.

The jewelry industry’s exports to the United Arab Emirates are over 500 million dollars.

In terms of countries, leather and leather products exported 90 million 183 thousand dollars, machinery and accessories 446 million 91 thousand dollars to the Russian Federation in 4 months of the year.

The automotive industry sold 1 billion 623 million dollars and the air conditioning industry 246 million 113 thousand dollars to Germany.

The electrical and electronics industry exported 501 million 437 thousand dollars to the United Kingdom, and the jewelry industry to the United Arab Emirates 526 million 444 thousand dollars.

Looking at the provinces, in the January-April period, 2 billion 699 million dollars of automotive industry, 2 billion 626 million dollars of electrical and electronics, 1 billion 896 million dollars of jewellery, 1 billion 164 million dollars of machinery and parts, 898 million 226 thousand dollars of air conditioning industry came from Istanbul. , 444 million 148 thousand dollars of leather and leather products were exported.

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