In the opening session, the June futures contract was traded at 6.044.00, 1.5 percent above the previous session’s closing.

The index contract, which followed a buying course yesterday, closed the regular session at 5,952.75 points, 9.9 percent above its previous closing. The index contract continued to rise in the evening session, reaching 6,043.50 points.

Analysts said that the search for direction continues in global equity markets with the ongoing debt limit crisis in the US and uncertainties regarding monetary policies.

While the statements regarding the debt limit yesterday remained in the focus of investors, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Spokesperson Julie Kozack warned that if the USA defaults, this situation will have serious repercussions not only for the USA but also for the global economy.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the US’ failure to meet its debt obligations could threaten gains over the past few years and spark a global recession.

While the news that the meeting of US President Joe Biden and congress leaders was postponed today came to the fore, it is stated that the reason for the postponement was due to the lack of preparations in the subcommittees.

Analysts stated that today, the retail sales volume in the country and the confidence index data of the University of Michigan in the USA will be followed today, and noted that the levels of 6.100 and 6.200 are technically in the position of resistance, and 5.900 and 5.800 points are in the support position in the index contract.

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