Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) has launched a new study for businesses in the earthquake zone to quickly return to their activities.

KOSGEB increased its support from 65 thousand liras to 130 thousand liras for the earthquake zone within the scope of the Traditional Entrepreneur Support Program. The Presidency also increased its support from 375 thousand liras under the name of the Advanced Entrepreneur Support Program to 750 thousand liras for the earthquake zone.

Workplaces, businesses determined by official institutions as heavily damaged, to be demolished in an emergency or completely demolished will benefit from the support. Regardless of whether these businesses have benefited from KOSGEB supports before, they will be supported under the Traditional Entrepreneur Support Program and the Advanced Entrepreneur Support Program.

130 thousand TL for traditional entrepreneurs

Within the scope of the Traditional Entrepreneur Support Program, non-refundable support up to 130 thousand lira will be given to entrepreneurs who set up their businesses. Enterprises will be able to use the support in question up to 100 thousand liras for employment, 20 thousand liras for establishment expenses, 10 thousand liras for the entrepreneur or employee’s certificate.

750 thousand TL for advanced entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who set up their businesses within the scope of the Advanced Entrepreneur Support Program will also be able to benefit from non-refundable support up to 750 thousand TL in total. 600 thousand for machinery-equipment and software expenses, 100 thousand for the employment it will provide, 20 thousand for mentoring, consultancy and business coaching, 20 thousand for establishment expenses, 10 thousand liras for the certificate to be obtained by the entrepreneur or employee.

Other supports provided by KOSGEB for the earthquake zone

KOSGEB, which decided to write off all the debts of the operators who lost their lives in the disaster with the debts of the businesses in the region in 2023, right after the earthquake, provided financing opportunities up to 1.5 million liras by looking at the scales and damage conditions of the businesses with the Emergency Support Loan Program.

With the Disaster Period Living Space Support, it started non-refundable container support for SMEs and tradesmen of up to 300 thousand liras, while allowing businesses to benefit from the support of 30 thousand lira per container for up to 10 containers.

In addition, by starting the Disaster Period Operation Support of 75 thousand liras, it aimed to meet the expenses of the enterprises such as maintenance, modification, repair, personnel, raw materials, materials, equipment and equipment.

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