According to the announcement of the Ministry in the Official Gazette, various engineering and law, economics, business administration, public administration, finance, international relations, statistics, labor economics, to be appointed to the 8th and 9th degree positions from the General Administrative Services class at the Ministry of Trade. 60 trade assistant specialists graduated from the fields of industrial relations and econometrics will be recruited.

Applications for the written and oral exams to be held can be made digitally through e-Government (Ministry of Commerce / Career Gate) and Career Gate ( in the period of 2-12 June. Applications made by mail or by other means will not be accepted. Candidates can only apply for one of the aforementioned departments.

Written and oral exam will be held in Ankara

The written exam will be held on 9 July in Ankara. The place and time of the exam will be stated in the exam entrance documents of the candidates.

The oral exam will also be held in Ankara. The date and place of this exam will be announced on the Ministry’s corporate website ( together with the result of the written exam.

In order to be successful in the written exam, it is required to get at least 60 points from each subject group out of 100 and their average to be at least 70 points. In order to be considered successful in the oral exam, the arithmetic average of the scores given by the chairman and members of the Entrance Exam Commission out of 100 full points must be at least 70.

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