The “Regulation on the Amendment of the Ministry of Commerce Provincial Organization Personnel Dress and Dress Regulation”, prepared by the Ministry of Commerce, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

With the regulation, a regulation was made regarding the attire of the personnel who work in the customs procedures in the provincial organization of the Ministry and who are obliged to wear official clothes.

Accordingly, it was adopted that the color of clothes of the personnel in question, which was “customs green”, should be “dark blue and khaki”.

The turquoise-colored tie of the personnel with the title of customs director, customs guard, smuggling and intelligence director, assistant customs director in the organization will also be dark blue.

Chief, data preparation and control operator, officer, bailiff, warehouse clerk, sales clerk, cashier and office personnel, who are the precedent of the personnel in question, who are employed within the scope of the Principles on Employment of Contracted Personnel, administrative support officer, administrative office personnel, trousers, t-shirts, shirts and seasonal coats will also be produced in “dark blue and khaki”.

In the regulation, visuals of the shapes of the clothes and the details to be placed on them were also included.

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