Ferhat Gürüz, President of the Mediterranean Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Exporters’ Association, stated in his written statement that their industry evaluated 326,20 tons of products in international markets in April.

Stating that they contributed to the country’s foreign sales in April as the Union, Gürüz said, “Turkey’s fresh fruit and vegetable exports in April amounted to 235.7 million dollars. Our Union supported the country’s exports with 99 million dollars.” used the phrase.

Gürüz shared the information that most of the exports were made to Russia in the said period, and said:

“Tomato ranked first with 16 percent increase and 69.3 million dollars in the list of products we exported the most in April, pepper second with 16 percent increase and 28.8 million dollars, lemon third with 12 percent increase and 28.5 million dollars. Russia, Romania and Ukraine ranked first in Turkey’s exports by 25 percent, 58.1 million dollars, to Romania 35.1 million dollars with an increase of 30 percent, and 19.6 million dollars to Ukraine with an increase of 40 percent. We exported.”

Gürüz stated that they are carrying out multi-faceted studies to increase market diversity in the sector.

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