1638 companies operating in Antalya, the leader of greenhouse agriculture, and in the Western Mediterranean Region, where Isparta and Burdur are located, contribute significantly to the country’s economy with their exports.

According to the data of the Western Mediterranean Exporters’ Association (BAIB), exports from the region in all items in the first 4 months of this year exceeded 886 million dollars, while the highest export was in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.

Exports to Russia reached 78 million 759 thousand 695 dollars with an increase of 59.83 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. Russia was followed by Germany with 60 million 643 thousand 45 dollars, China with 54 million 682 thousand 423 dollars, and Ukraine with 53 million 399 thousand 33 dollars.

It is expected that exports will gain even more momentum with the start of the fruit season in the Russian and German markets, especially in summer.

“Russia is our biggest customer”

Ramazan Keskin, Vice President of the Western Mediterranean Exporters’ Association (BAIB), said that they exported 1.5 million tons of fruit and vegetables from Turkey to Russia last year on a quantity basis.

Emphasizing that Russia is an important market for Turkey, Keskin said, “Russia is our biggest customer in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector, the largest buyer of vegetables and fruits from Turkey, due to its neighbor from the Black Sea and its consumption density relative to the population. In this sense, Russia is very important to us. important.” said.

Pointing out that Antalya is one of the leading production centers in Turkey in the fresh vegetable and fruit sector, Keskin stated that they care about Russia.

Beyazıt Işık, who produces tomatoes in the Serik district, also stated that Antalya meets the majority of tomato consumption in Turkey.

Explaining that they send their products not only to the domestic market but also abroad, Işık said, “We send products all over the world. Russia is the most important buyer country for us.” he said.

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