According to the information obtained from the banks, the CBRT has made arrangements for cash withdrawals and jewelry expenditures on credit cards above a certain limit.

Accordingly, within the scope of the security facility application, it has been decided that cash withdrawals and jewelery expenditures made through personal credit cards for those with a credit card limit above a certain amount on a customer basis will be subject to a security facility at a rate of 30 percent, depending on the loan type, and will be implemented as of today.

The scope of the security facility application was expanded according to the loan growth for commercial loans subject to security facility by loan type, and other commercial loans and consumer loans were also included.

It will be valid after May 26

It has been decided that if the growth rates are above 3 percent according to the previous calculation date, separately on the basis of the determined loan types, the security amounting to the loan amount exceeding this rate will be blocked for one year. The said change will be effective as of the calculation date of 26 May and the growth rate calculated according to the 28 May calculation date.

While it was decided to include conversion accounts opened against physical gold, which are not available in the security facility application according to the conversion ratio, in the numerator part, the current US dollar, euro, British pound and gold denominated foreign currency that can be converted as of 31 March within the scope of the communiqués published by the CBRT. deposit/participation fund account balances will be taken into account.

In addition, while it was decided to exclude foreign banks deposits/participation funds from the foreign currency deposit/participation fund, which is considered within the scope of the Provisional Article 9 of the Communiqué, the said amendment will be effective as of the calculation date of 26 May.

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