Sales in the second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market in Turkey decreased by 10 percent last month compared to the same month of 2022, amounting to 172 thousand 450 units.

The share of automobiles in sales was 82 percent and the share of light commercial vehicles was determined as 18 percent.

Top 10 brands got 76 percent of the market

Volkswagen was the most preferred automotive brand (passenger and light commercial) in the second-hand online market in April, with 21,680. Fiat followed with 21 thousand 42 units and Renault with 20 thousand 717 units.

Ford with 16 thousand 358 units, Opel with 9 thousand 688 units, BMW with 9 thousand 391 units, Peugeot with 8 thousand 647 units, Hyundai with 8 thousand 376 units, Mercedes Benz with 8 thousand 130 units and Toyota with 6 thousand 718 units were in the top 10.

In April, 76 percent of the 172,450 vehicles sold in the second-hand online passenger and light commercial vehicle market were made by these top 10 brands.

Egea retained its first place

A total of 141,129 sales were made in April in the second-hand online passenger car market. Fiat Egea was again the most preferred model in April with 6,820 units.

Egea is followed by Renault Clio with 6 thousand 533 units, Renault Megane with 5 thousand 843 sales, VW Passat with 5 thousand 834 units, Ford Focus with 4 thousand 366 units, Toyota Corolla with 4 thousand 328 units, Opel Astra with 4 thousand 43 sales, 3 thousand 385 units. BMW 5 Series was followed by VW Polo with 3 thousand 372 sales and VW Golf with 3 thousand 137 sales.

The 10 models in question accounted for 34 percent of total passenger sales.

Most preferred light commercials

31 thousand 321 light commercial vehicles were sold in the online market last month. Fiat Doblo was the most preferred model in April with 4,804 units.

Ford Transit/Tourneo Courier ranked second with 4,378 units, and Fiat Fiorino ranked third with 4,299 sales.

These models were followed by VW Cady with 2,079 units, Ford Transit/Tourneo Connect with 1855 units, VW Transporter with 1577 units, Renault Kangoo with 1355 units, Citroen Berlingo with 1189 units, Peugeot Partner with 1100 units and Ford Transit with 983 units.

The 10 models in question accounted for 75.4 percent of the total light commercial vehicle sales.

While the sales rate in the Turkish market was 31 days on average in April, Opel was the fastest selling brand with 27 days. The slowest selling brand was Mercedes-Benz with a sales speed of 46 days.

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