Mesut Öksüz, President of the Glassware Association (ZÜCDER), who participated in the 11th International Home and Kitchenware Manufacturers and Brand Meetings Summit held in Antalya, said that they brought together domestic manufacturers and foreign buyers in domestic and international fairs in order to increase the exports of the sector and to send Turkish products to all over the world. told.

Explaining that they will go to England, Canada, Vietnam and Australia within the year, Öksüz stated that they were able to take part in all organizations thanks to the support provided by the Ministry of Commerce.

Noting that they export to more than 150 countries as an industry, Öksüz said:

“No matter where we go in the world, when we look at a porcelain, a spoon or a fork, we see Turkish products and Turkish brands in most of them and we are proud of that. We are the 8th in the list of countries that export the most in glassware. Hopefully, our target in 5 years will pass the next Poland and the Netherlands. To be among the top 5. We strive to reach our goal with such organizations and investments from our members.”

“Exports to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are increasing”

Explaining that they want to increase both the number of markets and their share in the markets, Öksüz stated that they especially care about the USA and African countries.

Pointing out that the developments in foreign policy also had a positive impact on exports, Öksüz said, “I can say that the fact that we have been improving our relationship with Saudi Arabia for the last year has added significant momentum to the industry, and that many of our companies have gradually returned to the pre-crisis conditions in their trade with Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We are planning to organize a trade delegation to Saudi Arabia in the 10th month of this year, because the numbers coming from here will really make us happy.” he said.

Öksüz mentioned that they closed last year with 6.1 billion dollars of exports and stated that they started this year well, especially in January, but there was a 3 percent contraction in the first quarter figures compared to the same period of the previous year.

Emphasizing that this is due to the exchange rates, Öksüz said, “We have a target of 7 billion dollars for the end of the year, and we will achieve it. We will continue our struggle for our country, to contribute to our country’s exports, and to bring our producers together with important companies in the world.” used the phrases.

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