The basic rules regarding the safety of products put on the market in Turkey are implemented within the scope of the “Product Safety and Technical Regulations Law” that came into force in March 2021.

With the law, while the procedures and principles regarding the placing of products on the market, conformity assessment, market surveillance and inspection are determined, it is stipulated that safe products that comply with technical regulations are placed on the market.

With the law, it is aimed that the products subject to foreign trade and supplied to the domestic market should meet the minimum safety conditions required in terms of human health, life and property safety, animal-plant life and health, environment and consumer protection, and comply with technical regulations and be safe.

With the said Law, it is envisaged that the authorized public institution will establish a product safety help desk where complaints can be made or information can be obtained regarding the issues covered by the law when necessary, and that this unit will appropriately announce the issues falling within its scope and contact information.

Desks were created under the name “Safe Product Advisory Office”

Within the scope of this provision in the Law, the Ministry of Commerce also set up desks under the name of “Safe Product Advisory Office” within the customs and foreign trade regional directorates.

In these offices, it is aimed to provide support to companies operating in related sectors for product groups under the responsibility of the Ministry, in compliance with technical legislation.

Thus, it is aimed to ensure that the products supplied to the market are safe, to protect consumers more effectively, to increase awareness in the field of product safety, to support domestic production especially for manufacturers and exporters, and to increase the export of value-added products.

Children’s products are also included.

In this context, activities for children’s use and care products such as detergents, air aromatizers, auxiliary chemicals used in pool water, paper products, stationery products, textiles, toys, toothbrushes, pacifiers and feeding bottles, shoes and other consumer products are the responsibility of the Ministry. It is envisaged to provide support to manufacturers, exporters and importers.

The Ministry wrote an article for the chambers of industry and commerce across the country and provided information on the establishment of the said offices. In the article, it was stated that the companies operating for the said products can receive technical support from the offices.

On the other hand, the “Presidential 180-Day Action Program” covering January 1, 2023-30 June 2023 included an action to “establish Safe Product Advisory Offices in order to support the relevant sectors to operate in accordance with product safety legislation”.

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