Yılmaz evaluated the developments regarding licensing processes in RES and SPP plants with storage.

Reminding that EMRA started to receive applications within the scope of storage electricity generation after the secondary legislation changes published in the Official Gazette dated November 19, 2022, Yılmaz stated that an application for a storage RES-GES investment exceeding 252 thousand megawatts was made to the institution in 6 months.

Emphasizing that the applications at the scale of approximately two and a half times the installed power of Turkey’s electricity correspond to the investment demand of 270 billion dollars, Yılmaz stated that an investment of 40-45 billion dollars will be reflected in the field when the current capacity is taken into account.

Field work continues for RES and GES with storage

Yılmaz stated that they gave pre-licenses for storage WPP and SPP with a total installed capacity of 1474.29 megawatts, including 11 WPPs with 974 megawatts capacity and 9 SPPs with 500.29 megawatts capacity, at the last board meeting.

“Until now, we have given 9 thousand 514 megawatts pre-license to 120 projects in total. 5 thousand 603 megawatts of this is wind energy and 3 thousand 911 megawatts are solar power plant investments. 68 of them are WPP and 52 of them are SPP. The energy sector is ready for the Century of Turkey. “We expect a record in RES-GES investments with storage. We have already seen this clearly in the applications. The installed power of the pre-license with storage given by our Board has exceeded 9,500 megawatts. This means an investment of 18 billion dollars in the field. The pre-licenses we give as an institution will increase every week.”

Stating that the field studies for RES and SPP investments with storage are concentrated in different provinces such as Karaman, Tekirdağ, Kırklareli and Antalya, Yılmaz said, “New ones will be added to these provinces in the coming period. Of course, political and economic stability is of vital importance for our investors. I hope with public-private sector cooperation. “We will equip all corners of Turkey with RES-GES with storage. With the RES and SPP facilities with storage, Turkey will benefit from domestic and renewable energy resources at the maximum level. Moreover, power plants based on renewable energy resources with storage systems will work like base load power plants, ensuring continuity of supply.” .

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