President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave the good news about the civil servant salary increase, “We will take one more step in July. We will arrange the lowest civil servant salary in such a way that it will not be lower than the lowest public worker salary.” had used the words.

In this context, the lowest salary of civil servants will be increased to 22 thousand liras, by means of welfare share and, if necessary, an additional increase. The increase will be reflected in other civil servants.

How will the increase be, how will it affect pensions?

Chief Social Security Specialist İsa Karakaş said on TRT Haber that the change will gradually reflect on all civil servant salaries…

“After the lowest salary, we can say that there will be a high proportional increase according to the classes, duties and titles of all civil servants, as well as whether they are married or have children.

The rate of increase in civil servant salaries will be directly reflected on civil servant retirees. The lowest salary of the retired civil servant will also increase.”

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