Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati shared on his Twitter account.

Nebati said, “In our country, the opposition, which has not laid a stone on the ground, its instrumental friends both at home and abroad, and the fools among us, have been systematically and hysterically attacking our economy for a while, with the intention of influencing the election results.” He pointed out that the idea that the economy will fall into a difficult situation with the re-election of Tayyip Erdoğan is being tried to spread. Nebati said, “It is now essential to bring these malicious vote hunters, these doomsayers, these imported prescription enthusiasts in pursuit of personal interests, to themselves with the hard slap of the truth.” made its assessment.

Emphasizing that Turkey grew while the world shrank during the epidemic, Nebati said, “After its strong growth of 11.4 percent in 2021, Turkey managed to achieve a growth of 5.6 percent in 2022, when commodity prices skyrocketed all over the world with the Russia-Ukraine War, “With this performance, it has made a difference to many countries. Today, while many economies are facing layoffs, employment figures in our country continue to increase steadily. Thanks to the policies we have implemented, our total employment has increased to 31.5 million people in March 2023, with an annual employment increase of 1.5 million people.” used the phrase.

“If the earthquake had happened in a European country…”

Emphasizing that industrial production managed to increase by 0.4 percent in the first quarter of this year compared to the previous quarter, despite the disaster of the century that directly affected the lives of millions of people by causing destruction in 11 provinces, Nebati said:

“Just this increase is a clear indication of how solid our economy has risen. If these earthquake disasters of the same scale had happened in any European country, would it have been possible for them to record this success? On the other hand, in 2022, the best budget of the last 20 years We have succeeded in achieving one of the best performances. No one should doubt, we will restore the public finance indicators, especially the budget and borrowing, which will be affected somewhat negatively by the earthquake, to their previous levels in a short time. We are mobilizing all the means of our state for our citizens, and we are doing this together with our nation, with the spirit of national unity and solidarity, with the zealous support of our non-governmental organizations.

Now, even though these malicious people, these people who do nothing but create a pessimistic mood at the computer, constantly ignore all our common achievements, our beloved nation already knows very well who is working tirelessly for themselves, who is sweating day and night for their country. Our nation already knows very well that under the leadership of our Honorable President, our country is taking firm steps towards becoming a global power, and that it has not allowed any sneaky and dirty attacks, secretly and openly, from inside and outside, without letting any of it pass. Today, the power that brought giant city hospitals equipped with the latest technology, UAVs, SİHAs, warplanes, TOGGs, satellites, Black Sea natural gas, TCG Anadolu, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and many other centuries-old works to our country, Under the leadership of our President, the AK Party has been in power. Our nation, with the wisdom and faith it has, will once again take its stand on the side of stability, a fully independent, strong and great Turkey, and will definitely leave its mark on the Century of Turkey,” he said.

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