Popularly known as ‘tuna fish’, the demand for the fish species is quite high… The species known as Bluefin Tuna is in high demand especially in the Far East and brings high income.

However, there are restrictions on hunting. For the protection of Bluefin Tuna, the rules determined by the ‘International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna’ (ICCAT), to which 52 member countries, including Turkey, are a party, are valid. ICCAT has allocated a quota of 2,600 tons for 2023 to Turkey.

will expire on July 1

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Turkey gives the necessary license for Bluefin Tuna fishing. The Ministry evaluated the applications and 29 different fishing establishments were allowed to benefit from the quota allocated to Turkey. 47 ships also undertake the transportation of fish taken into cages. Turkish fishermen who sailed from Izmir and Antalya ports and sailed to the Mediterranean with a total of 76 ships started their hunting hours. The Bluefin Tuna shift, which started on 15 May, will end on 1 July.

Audit is made from Ankara

The Ministry is not content with just issuing licenses. Similarly, the control of the tuna caught by the fishermen is carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Ankara. With the help of satellite control, overfishing and rule violations are also prevented. Data is shared with ICCAT

70 million dollar export

Bluefin tuna is an important export product. Turkish fishermen fishing in the international waters of the Mediterranean and off Malta provide an annual export income of approximately 70 million dollars. Especially the fish exported to the Far East are exported to many countries, especially the USA and Japan, after they reach a certain size in farms because they are caught alive.

76 Turkish fishing vessels at Bluefin Tuna shift in the Mediterranean

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