According to the information received from the 26th Regional Directorate of DSİ, the water retention process continues in a controlled manner in Yusufeli Dam and HEPP, which is the first dam in the arch dam class in Turkey and the 5th highest dam in the world, with a body height of 275 meters from the foundation.

As of today, the water level in the dam has reached an elevation of 648.80, a water height of 145.30 meters, and a stored water amount of 608.31 million cubic meters in the region, where the old district center was completely flooded due to the dam.

The Yusufeli Dam, which will have an installed capacity of 558 megawatts and an annual energy production of 1 billion 888 million kilowatt-hours, is expected to start electricity production when the water level exceeds 166.50 meters.

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