In the AK Party election manifesto, it was noted that efforts will be made to improve the socio-economic conditions of public employees, especially in Istanbul. Accordingly, rent contribution will be provided on the basis of province and district in metropolitan cities.

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Lecturer Tarkan Zengin stated the following in his evaluations to TRT Haber on the subject;

The living indices will be taken into account and the conditions will be examined. Rental assistance may be available for this. We will see the details of this more clearly after the 28 May elections. It is seen that the main target is the steps to improve the socioeconomic status and conditions of public employees.

“May be staging”

Rental prices will be looked at, average rents and other food prices will be evaluated. There may be a certain gradation according to these subsistence indices. In Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir or other different cities, the amounts of these increases are evaluated and the amount that will make life easier is determined accordingly.

It is expected that permanent, contracted civil servants and public workers working in the public sector will benefit from the support.

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