In the post shared on the Twitter account of Tarım Kredi, it was stated that the fixed price campaign, which was started to support the citizens before Ramadan, which is the month of abundance and fertility, and continued throughout the month of Ramadan, was extended to ensure the continuation of this month’s abundance, and attracted great interest from the citizens.

In the statement, it was stated that there was a tonnage increase of up to 15 percent in product groups in the milk and dairy products category, and up to 110 percent in especially fat-skimmed milk.

“The rate of increase in some fresh white cheeses in the cheese category reached 90 percent. Our sales, especially in the Tarım Kredi branded kasseri cheese in the Kashar cheese category, exceeded 150 percent. Our tonnage increase in the personal care products category approached 44 percent. Cologne, liquid This rate reached 90 percent in products such as soap, soap, cream, etc. In the category of paper products, 22.4 percent increase was achieved in products such as toilet paper, paper towels, paper napkins. This rate reached 90 percent in paper towels. While the tonnage increase approaching 15 percent was achieved in the products category, this rate exceeded 60 percent in softeners and surface cleaners. As Agricultural Credit Group, we will continue to stand by both our producers and consumers.”

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