National Grain Council (UHK) Chairman of the Board Özkan Taşpınar spoke at the session on Turkish Wheat Markets and Future Expectations at the 17th International Congress and Exhibition organized by the Turkish Flour Industrialists’ Federation (TUSAF) in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Taşpınar emphasized that global wheat production is estimated to reach 789.8 million tons this year, with an increase of 1.5 million compared to the previous year.

Pointing out that the precipitation was less for 6 months after wheat planting in Turkey, Taşpınar reminded that the precipitation continued to increase after March.

Taşpınar underlined that the rainy season throughout the country reflects positively on the crop expectation, and said:

“In the light of regional evaluations, we estimate that the yield in this production season will increase by 3.75 percent compared to the 20 million tons average of many years and reach 20 million 750 thousand tons. We have no doubt that the wheat purchase prices of the Turkish Grain Board will take care of both the producer, the industrialist and the consumer. “The prices announced before were like this. It is useless to confuse our producers with various cost and price evaluations before the harvest period.”

Pointing out that the projects to bring water from the outer basins to the basins with insufficient water need to be reconsidered for sustainable wheat production, Taşpınar explained that the implementation of income protection insurance in wheat across the country would benefit the producers.

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