With the normalization of relations between Turkey and Saudi Arabia, effective results continue to be obtained in exports to Saudi Arabia.

According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports to Saudi Arabia increased by more than 600 percent in the January-April period and reached 780 million 512 thousand dollars.

In the same period of last year, exports to Saudi Arabia amounted to 107 million 419 thousand dollars.

Reaching approximately 1 percent of Turkey’s total exports in 4 months of the year, Saudi Arabia was recorded as the 22nd country to which Turkey exported the most during this period.

The countries to which Turkey exports the most in the January-April period are Germany with 6 billion 279 million dollars, the USA with 3 billion 863 million dollars, Italy with 3 billion 753 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 3 billion 632 million dollars, Spain with 3 billion 248 million dollars, 3 France with 2 billion 242 million dollars, the Russian Federation with 3 billion 203 million dollars, Iraq with 2 billion 777 million dollars, the Netherlands with 2 billion 179 million dollars and Romania with 1 billion 876 million dollars.

Saudi Arabia ranked second in export growth

During this period, the two countries in which Turkey increased its foreign sales the most in terms of value were the Russian Federation with 1 billion 748 million dollars and Saudi Arabia with 673 million 92 thousand dollars.

These countries were France with 418 million 803 thousand dollars, Ukraine with 398 million 600 thousand dollars, Switzerland with 263 million 488 thousand dollars, Kazakhstan with 251 million 908 thousand dollars, United Arab Emirates with 229 million 341 thousand dollars, Belarus with 192 million 787 thousand dollars, and 181 million dollars. Slovenia followed with 541 thousand dollars and Georgia with 141 million 201 thousand dollars.

Carpet industry exported the most to Saudi Arabia

When looked at on a sectoral basis, the carpet sector came to the fore in exports to Saudi Arabia.

In the January-April period, the carpet industry exported 109 million 473 thousand dollars to the country.

The carpet industry was followed by cereals, pulses, oilseeds and products with 81 million 253 thousand dollars, chemicals and products with 77 million 903 thousand dollars, ready-made clothing and apparel with 66 million 854 thousand dollars, and electricity and electronics with 56 million 677 thousand dollars.

In this period, 336 million 218 thousand dollars from Istanbul, 120 million 807 thousand dollars from Gaziantep, 48 million 402 thousand dollars from Ankara, 44 million 701 thousand dollars from Hatay, 28 million 552 thousand dollars from Bursa. USD amount of foreign sales was made.

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