Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce, who spoke at the ceremony held in the SPP area in the Karaman District of Adapazarı district, talked about the investments made in the field of environmentalist municipality.

Stating that they are working on projects that will reduce carbon emissions, Yüce said, “The use of bicycles is number one in environmentally friendly transportation. We are expanding SAKBIS. We are constantly building bicycle paths. Our goal is to maximize bicycle use in Sakarya. We will go to school and work by bicycle in the European Sports City. We will reduce fuel consumption and the damage caused by vehicles to the environment.” he said.

Expressing that they will make a strong contribution to Turkey’s steps for the energy century with Karaman GES, Yüce continued as follows:

“As Sakarya, we will produce the energy we consume ourselves and use clean energy with renewable resources. We will produce 8 GWh of electricity annually with 14 thousand solar panels with an installed capacity of 5 MW (megawatt) on an area of ​​55 thousand square meters with an investment of 60 million lira in Karaman. Thus, we will increase the electricity consumption of 4 thousand households annually. We will have produced the equivalent energy. Only the last 2 thousand panels of 14 thousand solar panels have been installed and electricity production tests will be carried out in the parts whose assembly has been completed. I hope that we will complete the assembly of the last 2 thousand panels soon and have the system fully commissioned. This power plant will produce an average of 650 thousand kWh per month. We will earn 18 million liras annually, 1 million 500 thousand liras per month, by offsetting from the electricity we consume.”

Yüce, who also gave the good news of the new solar power plant project, stated that the land allocations for the project, which is planned to produce 5 GWh of electricity annually with 8 thousand solar panels with an installed power of 3 MW, on an area of ​​48 thousand square meters within the borders of Isabalı and Bacı districts in Pamukova, have been received for 29 years and the project work has begun.

AK Party Sakarya Deputy Murat Kaya wished the project to be beneficial and said, “We will be together with you in every project from now on. We have a very important election before us. said.

AK Party Sakarya Deputy Lütfi Bayraktar wished the GES project to be beneficial for the city.

AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Provincial Health Director Aziz Öğütlü, Provincial Director of National Education Ebubekir Sıddık Savaşçı, Head of the Federation of Headmen Erdal Erdem, district mayors, chamber presidents, NGO representatives, contractor company representatives and guests attended the program.

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