Minister Nebati made a statement on the sector by quoting the shares of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) and the Capital Markets Board (SPK) on his Twitter account.

Reminding that they took over a wreckage where the overnight interest rates reached 7500 percent and people lost their lives due to the bankrupt bank crises, Nebati emphasized that thanks to the strong economic infrastructure and banking system they established in 21 years, they came out of many troubles stronger.

Nebati pointed out that in the 2008 global financial crisis, while many big banks in the world were failing, the country’s economy and the banking sector continued on their way with strong steps, “Despite the economic crisis that shook even developed countries due to the Corona epidemic, we continued our growth with the contribution of our banking sector and quickly compensated for the loss in employment. Our banking sector, which has faced all critical processes, including the earthquake, the disaster of the last century, and put its hand under the responsibility, has unequivocally demonstrated its strength in these processes.” made its assessment.

“The great achievements of our economy and banking sector are evident”

Pointing out that the banking sector in Turkey has not experienced even the slightest shock despite bankruptcies in America and Europe in the recent period, Nebati noted that the sector has crowned its strength.

“What kind of a sick mood is it when our economy and banking sector are making a fuss as if there is a crisis and trying to bring Turkey down, while the great achievements of our economy and banking sector are evident? It does not take into account the high performance it has shown and tries to gather votes on the basis of doomsaying with uncertain assumptions.

What is done is an obvious lie, slander, hostility to the nation. Those who are refugees in their own country, those who look down on this nation, the poor people who do not know how to calculate, have been touting for how many years the economy has been hitting the wall. They couldn’t get enough of being humiliated all the time, but we’re tired of being embarrassed for them all the time.”

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