Sirnak Governor Osman Bilgin met with journalists at the 2nd International Cudi Cup Tennis Tournament. Bilgin, in his statement here, stated that Şırnak is now an oil city.

Bilgin said, “Only in the Martyr Aybüke Yalçın field, 4 more wells will be worked in the coming days. But in our other field, which we call Esma Çevik field, and in the Akçay region, work continues. The 21st well was drilled there. “It is very pleasing for us. Of course, the determination of the well is at a new stage. We do not have the opportunity to give figures today because it is new, but we can say that it is a well that is at least 10 times higher than the existing wells. This means that TPAO’s work is on the right track,” Gabar said. It shows that there is a very accurate determination that the city is an oil point.” said.

“Esma Çevik has a reserve of 200 million barrels and Aybüke Yalçın has a reserve of 1 billion barrels.” Bilgin said, “Right now, exploration works are carried out in 8 different regions in Şırnak. This means that exploration studies are carried out in all the mountains of Şırnak. there is.” he said.

Stating that the city has broken its shell and that there will be no shortage of employment in the next period, Bilgin noted that Şırnak will now be remembered with sports, production and employment.

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