While the BIST 100 index increased by 187.88 points compared to the previous close, the total transaction volume stood at TL 70.9 billion.

The banking index gained 2.13 percent and the holding index gained 3.87 percent. While all sector indices rose, 6.18 percent stone and soil were the highest earners.

Analysts stated that despite the statements that an agreement in principle regarding the debt limit crisis in the USA was reached in global stock markets, the search for direction in the markets continues, and that the non-farm employment data to be announced on Friday, as well as the intense data agenda and the pricing of the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) monetary policy stated that it is in the focus of investors.

According to the news in the US press, the debt limit is expected to be increased for 2 years as part of the agreement reached after long negotiations between the White House and the Republicans.

On the other hand, after the domestic elections yesterday, Supreme Election Board (YSK) Chairman Ahmet Yener said, “As the President of the Republic of Turkey, it has been seen that Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was elected as President as a result of the provisional results.”

In his statement after the election results were announced, President Erdoğan emphasized that trust and stability are two very important concepts, and said, “We will continue with this and we will build a strong economic management on these two concepts. A financial management with an international reputation, a production economy focused on investment and employment. We design,” he said.

Analysts noted that tomorrow, the foreign trade balance in the country, the consumer confidence index in the Euro Area and the USA abroad, and the unemployment rate in Japan will be the focus of the markets, the analysts stated that the news flow regarding the US debt limit crisis will be followed.

Analysts noted that technically, 4,980 points in the BIST 100 index are in the resistance position and 4,600 points in the support position.

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