Boeing Turkey General Manager Ayşem Sargın said that the name of Boeing’s first electric aircraft project is “Wisk”.

Sargın said, “This will be an autonomous system. We think of it as an ‘electric flying taxi’ that will operate between the airport and certain points at the first stage. It is not too far away, in fact, we think that it will become operational in certain places in the next few years.” said.

Stating that they are currently preparing for the Federal Aviation Administration regarding the electric aircraft project, Sargın said, “But it is a very exciting thing. Can you imagine that one day something like this will happen in Istanbul’s traffic, of course we all dream together… Let that door open, we will see it here as well. Them.” said.

Stating that they have zero carbon commitments until 2050, Sargın said that they have made this commitment with the aviation industry, but they have another commitment, that all the airplanes they produce until 2030 can fly with sustainable aviation fuel, and they are working for this.

“While Turkish aviation has been growing for years, we have witnessed this, we have made good cooperation”

Ayşem Sargın stated that Boeing has been working on these technologies for more than 10 years and reminded that they have been operating in Turkey for more than 75 years.

Sargın said, “We have had very good partnerships with Turkey, we have many stakeholders. In fact, aviation is a good sector in that respect, a sector that encourages partnerships. We have witnessed this while Turkish aviation has been growing for years, we have made good cooperation. We are happy and proud of that.” said.

“We continue with a wide variety of investment programs in Turkey”

Stating that he has various investments, Sargın said:

“So far, we have given the Turkish industry a business package of 2 billion dollars, but beyond that, we have also had different collaborations and we announced a cooperation program under the name of ‘Boeing Turkey National Aviation’ in 2019. The reason here was that Turkey is a growing market. Turkish Airlines is already here.” how rapidly and successfully Turkey has grown… Beyond that, Turkey is a very important resource, country, industry and human power for Boeing.

Turkey is a place that can contribute to our worldwide competitiveness. That’s why our industry-related work has so far reached 2 billion dollars, but beyond that, we opened our first engineering center in Turkey in 2019. This is a big step for us. Boeing does not have engineering centers everywhere. This was a special step and we are growing every day in our engineering center.

We get very good results from our engineering center, our friends are doing good work. Engineering capability is very high in Turkey, and the aviation ecosystem is very strong. On the one hand, we have award-winning suppliers, on the other hand, we work with universities. We have technology development projects with Istanbul Technical University that we have reached the patent stage. We continue with a wide variety of investment programs in Turkey.”

Sargın stated that there is a part from Turkey on Boeing’s new generation aircraft, “One of our industrial partners here is Turkish Aircraft Industry Joint Stock Company (TAI), the other is Kale. These are companies that manufacture around the world, they produce even very complex parts with success. Each “Both are our award-winning suppliers. Boeing has many suppliers around the world. A very significant portion of Boeing’s aircraft comes from these suppliers.” said.

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