The new cabinet will be announced over the weekend. An interim increase to the minimum wage will be the priority of the government.

The minimum wage determination commission for the regulation will also start its work without wasting time. The calendar is expected to run in the middle of this month.

The commission will start its work in the middle of the month for the interim raise

AYBU Lecturer Tarkan Zengin made evaluations about the minimum wage process.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security will invite the parties to the Minimum Wage Determination Commission. There are 15 representatives, five from each, from both the worker’s side and the employer’s side, from the government side. The commission will begin its work after meeting. Starting from the middle of this month, it is likely that the minimum wage determination commission will start working.

How will the minimum wage be determined?

Rich explained what the commission will pay attention to when determining the minimum wage:

“Minimum Wage Determination Commission will make its decision by taking into account the economic and social situation of the country, the subsistence indexes, the general wage level and the actual consumer price index while determining the minimum wage.”

On the other hand, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security continues its field research for detection studies.

A new minimum wage will be determined by evaluating all criteria.

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