Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Vahit Kirişci gave information about the details of the payment to farmers in his post on his Twitter account.

Stressing that the agricultural support of 197 million 283 thousand 150 liras will be transferred to the accounts today, Kirişci said, “May it be good and fruitful.” used the phrase.

According to the information in the share, the support amounts in question are as follows:

“Grain, legumes and grain corn support 48 million 992 thousand 707 lira, rural development investment support 48 million 485 thousand 363 lira, oilseed plants support 43 million 28 thousand 44 lira, licensed warehousing support 36 million 503 thousand 165 lira, certified seed production support 18 million 942 thousand 163 lira, animal gene resources support 717 thousand lira, diesel and fertilizer support 614 thousand 708 lira.”

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