In the opening session, the June futures contract was traded at 5.905.00 level, 1.5 percent above the previous normal session closing.

The index contract, which followed a buying course yesterday, closed the regular session at 5,816.75 points, 0.4 percent above its previous closing. The index contract continued to rise in the evening session, increasing by 0.9 percent to 5,867.25 points.

Analysts stated that a positive course was observed in global stock markets, with the strengthening of expectations that the US Federal Reserve may not raise interest rates at this month’s meeting and the overcoming of the debt limit crisis in the US, adding that the data in the employment report to be announced in the US today placed the focus of investors.

While the US Senate approved the bill that will prevent the country from going into default by increasing the debt limit, the bill, which foresees its suspension until January 1, 2025, will be submitted to the signature of US President Joe Biden for enactment.

Analysts said that the expectations regarding the monetary policy in the country also changed significantly compared to the beginning of the week, and that the verbal guidance of the Fed members was effective in the said development.

While Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker stated that he tended to “skip” the interest rate hike at the June meeting, expectations that the Fed would keep the policy rate constant at the June 14 meeting, rose to 75 percent in the pricing of money markets.

Reminding that the US labor market is still very hot despite the Fed’s steps, analysts said that the signals to be taken from the data in the employment report to be announced today may have an impact on the Fed’s policy steps.

Analysts, who also stated that the foreign exchange assets data of companies outside the financial sector will be followed today, noted that the levels of 5.950 and 6.000 are in the position of resistance in the index contract, while the levels of 5.850 and 5.800 points are in the support position.

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