According to the statement made by the Turkish Red Crescent, the preparations for the Eid al-Adha have been completed. This year, the Red Crescent, calling out to philanthropists with the slogan “Let there be a Crescent, Turkey if you keep the blessings of sacrifice alive all year long”, announced the attorney’s fees.

Accordingly, the price of the victim’s share was 5 thousand 950 liras in the country and 2 thousand 650 liras abroad. Those who live abroad and want to pay the share price in foreign currency will be able to give a proxy by paying 295 dollars or 275 euros for 1 share for Turkey, 130 dollars or 120 euros for other countries.

Aiming to sacrifice a total of 128 thousand shares in 23 countries, including Turkey, the Red Crescent will distribute a significant portion of the sacrifices to be prepared in cooperation with the Meat and Milk Institution to the victims of the February 6 earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

Red Crescent, which will also serve hot food in soup kitchens from the sacrifice shares, will also make roasted canned food in cooperation with the Meat and Milk Institution.

“Sacrifice slaughter will be made in 22 countries”

Red Crescent, Deputy Chairman of the Red Crescent, stated that with the Sacrifice Model, the sacrifices were selected by veterinarians, in modern combinations, hygienic conditions, the names of the deputies were read and the first three days of the Eid-al-Adha were cut. Dr. Fatma Meriç Yılmaz gave the following information:

“The slaughters carried out in accordance with Islamic conditions are accompanied by religious officials, veterinarians and notaries. Thanks to this model, Eid al-Adha was transformed from a celebration of just a few days into a year-long period of fertility. “We invite everyone to support the campaign in order to experience the meaning of Eid al-Adha more deeply, to share human values ​​and to reinforce the culture of cooperation throughout the year.”

Within the scope of the sacrifice campaign, sacrifices will be made in 22 countries, especially in countries where there are delegations abroad and where humanitarian crises are experienced, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Palestine (Jerusalem/Gaza), Iraq, Yemen and Somalia. The Red Crescent will instantly distribute the qurban shares, which will be prepared after the slaughtering process of the qurbans whose proxies are taken for abroad, to the needy determined through its experts.

Those who want to give their sacrifice proxies to the Red Crescent will be able to get support from the Red Crescent donation accounts in banks, through internet banking, from the internet address, from the 168 Red Crescent free consultation and donation line or from all Red Crescent branches across the country.

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