With the orders received, especially in Bitlis, the needs of many schools in the region are met with desks manufactured by students in Bitlis Industrial Vocational High School workshops.

While Bitlis Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School contributes to production thanks to its equipment, it brings masters to the sectors it is in with its qualified personnel.

Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, which continues its education, is among the most popular schools in the city.

“Our students are in an extremely good position”

Furniture Interior Design Field Teacher Ali İhsan Şener said that their department currently has 95 students and said:

“During the year, we employ our students in different groups in the revolving fund. We employ some of the students we employ in the revolving fund for the first term, some for the second term, and some for the whole year. No matter how much you explain theoretically, the student cannot get much without practice. For this, we are trying to focus on the application size. At this point, our students are at an extremely good point. We are currently following the status of our previous graduates, both in the industry and in internships. We follow our former graduates and the jobs they have entered, and with the feedback we receive from them, we are trying to direct the education programs of our students today.”

Vocational high school students in Bitlis achieved a turnover of 4 million 500 thousand liras

“Our orders usually come from the Ministry of Education”

Furniture Interior Design Teacher Ali İhsan Şener stated that their turnover last year was around 4 million 500 thousand TL, “Our orders usually come from the Ministry of National Education, the Provincial Directorate of National Education and our schools. After we receive these orders, we first plan this within ourselves. In particular, we calculate their material expenses, tax expenses and profit and loss status. After drawing their projects, we share them with our students, negotiate with the other party and get the job or not. We mostly produce materials such as cabinets, office sets, school desks and bookcases.” he said.

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