The 5-month salary increase rates of civil servants and retirees have been announced. According to the 6th term collective agreement, a 5-month inflation difference will be added to the 6 percent increase. According to today’s calculations, a significant share of welfare will be added to the increase, which reaches 13.13 percent.

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Lecturer Tarkan Zengin stated the following about the increase in civil servants’ salaries on TRT Haber;

In particular, for a few periods, there has been a rise in both civil servants and retirees, as well as a rafah share application beyond the raises given by the law or collective agreements. For this reason, I think that an important share of welfare will be given in the coming period. Therefore, the figures we will tell now are only the hikes given in accordance with the legal legislation, namely the collective agreement. According to the May CPI, the 5-month inflation rate has been announced today. Accordingly, it was 15.26 percent. This means: SSK and Bağkur retirees receive a raise in the last 6 months CPI rate. Therefore, the already known raise rates of SSK and Bağkur retirees are 15.26 percent. Of course, the CPI rate in June will be added to this. Then the welfare share will be added. When we consider the welfare share of the previous period, inflation was approximately 15.40. A welfare share of 14.60 percent, that is, almost as much as the rate of increase envisaged by the law, was given. In this period, in terms of SSK and Bağkur retirees, the current situation is 15.26 and the share of inflation and welfare in June will be added. We will see how much this will be in the coming days.

“The increase to the lowest civil servant salary will affect the others”

Civil servants and civil servant retirees will receive their fourth six-month raise according to the 6th term collective agreement. According to the 5-month collective agreement with the inflation difference, the raise or salary increase is currently 13.13. However, this will both add to the June inflation and add a significant share of welfare, as our President stated that the lowest civil servant salary will increase from 12 thousand liras to 22 thousand liras on 11 May.

The lowest civil servant salary will increase by 85%

First, the civil servant will be given a 6 percent raise in July or in the collective agreement. There will be an inflation difference. 13.13 percent. Thereupon, welfare will be paid, and this means that our President had just stated on May 11 that the minimum salary of civil servants would rise to 22 thousand liras. It means that the lowest civil servant salary sees an 85 percent increase in July.

How can there be a gradual increase?

There can be two methods for those above it. Recently, a delegation from the authorized confederation, Memur-Sen, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Security came together and I think it is possible to conduct a study on how much raise will be reflected on teachers, engineers, policemen, public officials, academics, who receive a salary of over 12 thousand liras. Two alternatives arise here. One is that after all civil servants are given a certain increase in base salaries, there may be a possibility that all of them will be raised at a certain rate. As a second possibility, there may be a proportional, gradual increase to the lowest 85 and upwards. We will see more concrete steps of this in the work to be done in the near future. Because time is short. Salaries will apply from 1 July. Therefore, I think that the rate of increase to be given to civil servants will be determined in a short time, perhaps by establishing such a commission within a week or two.

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