In the opening session, the June futures contract was traded at 6,040.00, 1.4 percent above the previous session’s closing.

The index contract, which followed a buying course on the last trading day of last week, closed the regular session at 5,959.75 points, 2.5 percent above its previous closing. The index contract rose to 5,960,00 points in the evening session.

Analysts stated that the new week started positively with the strengthening of expectations that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) might not raise interest rates at the meeting to be held next week in global stock markets.

The signals in the macroeconomic data announced after the debt limit crisis in the USA are behind, have an impact on the direction of the markets.

According to data released on Friday, non-farm employment in the USA increased by 339 thousand people in May, exceeding expectations, while the unemployment rate rose to 3.7 percent from 3.4 percent. Average hourly earnings, closely watched by the Fed, rose 0.3 percent month on month, falling short of market expectations.

Fed may pause rate hikes

Analysts stated that although employment increased above expectations, the increase in unemployment rate and the softening of the rise in wages strengthened the prediction that the Fed may pause interest rate hikes next week.

With these developments, it is estimated that the Bank will keep the policy rate fixed with a 78 percent probability next week in the pricing in the money markets.

On the other hand, Mehmet Şimşek, who took over the duty of Ministry of Treasury and Finance from Nureddin Nebati yesterday, said, “The main goal of our government is to increase social welfare. In the coming period, our basic principles will be transparency, consistency, predictability and compliance with international norms.” said. The news flow on the subject is in the focus of investors.

Analysts stated that today, together with the worldwide service sector and composite Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data, the statements of European Central Bank (ECB) President Christine Lagarde and factory orders in the USA will be followed, technically, 6,100 and 6,200 levels in the index contract, resistance, He noted that 5,900 and 5,800 points are in the support position.

Also today, eyes are turned to the inflation data to be announced in the country. Economists expect the Consumer Price Index (CPI) to increase by 0.07 percent in May. According to the average of economists’ May inflation expectations (0.07 percent), it is calculated that annual inflation, which was 43.68 percent in the previous month, will decrease to 39.62 percent.

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