The Turkish Grand National Assembly will enter a busy working period in the new period. Important laws are planned to be implemented in a short time. One of them will be the lease arrangement.

The decision, which limits the rent increase to 25 percent, will expire on 1 July. It is expected that the period of the regulation will be extended.

3 years imprisonment for extortionate rent

Other formulas in rental disputes are on the table. The Ministry of Justice has completed its work. Accordingly, with the amendment in the Turkish Penal Code, it is planned to give one to three years’ imprisonment for those who make an unjustified profit with an exorbitant rent increase above the market average.

While pre-trial detention cannot be made for crimes of up to two years, those who cause an exorbitant rent increase, against which an investigation is launched for three years, can also be tried in pre-trial detention at the discretion of the court. The work on this regulation is expected to be submitted to the Presidency of the Assembly in a short time.

The litigation process will not start without going to the mediator.

The mandatory mediation period adopted in the 27th term will also begin in September. Accordingly, the litigation process cannot be started without going to the mediator.

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