According to the statement made by the Ministry of Commerce, Customs Enforcement teams revealed a different method tried by smugglers in the operation they carried out at the Kapıkule Customs Gate.

As part of the risk analysis and targeting studies carried out by the teams, the vehicle used by the foreign national driver who came to the Kapıkule Customs Gate to enter Turkey was deemed “risky” and sent for x-ray scanning. The vehicle with suspicious densities was taken to the search hangar by the teams.

In the detailed search made here, it was determined that the headlights of the vehicle were removed and smuggled phones were placed inside.

As a result of the search, 200 new mobile phones of the latest model, which were tried to be smuggled into the country, were seized. It was determined that the value of the smuggled phones was 2 million 200 thousand liras.

An investigation was launched by the Edirne Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the incident.

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