Şaban Turgut, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union (DKİB) and Chairman of the Tea Sector Committee, told Anadolu Agency (AA) that tea is sold from the country to 103 countries, autonomous and free zones in 5 months of the year.

Turgut stated that in January-May 2023, an income of 14 million 890 thousand 518 dollars was obtained from the export of 3 thousand 114 tons of tea.

Stating that 9 million 800 thousand 860 dollars were earned from 2 thousand 982 tons of tea exports in the same period of last year, Turgut continued his words as follows:

“Our tea exports increased by 4.4 percent in quantity and 52 percent in value compared to the same period of the previous year. Belgium, the USA and the United Kingdom became the 3 countries with the highest export volume. This period was 6 million 875 thousand 439 to Belgium, 2 to the USA. Tea worth 1 million 26 thousand 356 dollars and 1 million 361 thousand 630 dollars were exported to the United Kingdom.

Noting that the diversity of countries has increased in parallel with the increase in exports, Turgut also pointed out that this period, Algeria, Slovakia, Mexico, Spain, Italy, Panama, Gabon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Portugal, Angola, Dominican Republic, Togo, Rwanda and Poland. tea was sold.

Emphasizing that the increase in tea exports and country diversity is pleasing, Turgut said, “In addition to the international promotions of ÇAYKUR, the fact that the tourists coming to the Eastern Black Sea Region, which has received a lot of tourists in recent years, tasted Turkish tea and received great appreciation, contributed positively to our tea exports. We foresee that our tea exports will reach higher figures.” he said.

Pointing out that the most important issue in tea agriculture is sustainability, Turgut noted that it is imperative to take the necessary precautions by making preparations for the climate change risk that has come to the fore especially in recent years.

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