According to the compilation made from the data of the Revenue Administration, active taxpayer increases were recorded on an annual basis in Turkey as of May in tax types, excluding income tax, on an annual basis.

The number of income taxpayers increased by 127 thousand last month compared to May 2022 and reached 2 million 409 thousand 847. Of these taxpayers, 614 thousand 714 are registered in Istanbul, 172 thousand 951 in Ankara and 162 thousand 389 in Izmir.

The number of corporate taxpayers increased by 85 thousand 571 (8.4%) compared to the same month of the previous year and became 1 million 102 thousand 9 in May.

The number of VAT payers increased by 6.4 percent

The number of income withholding taxpayers increased by 236 thousand 522 (6.6 percent) on an annual basis in May and reached 3 million 833 thousand 812.

The number of value added tax (VAT) taxpayers increased by 207 thousand 363 (6.4%) in this period and reached 3 million 443 thousand 718.

The number of taxpayers on real estate capital income (GMSI-rental income tax) increased by 77 thousand 901 (3.4%) to 2 million 376 thousand 684.

In the said period, the number of income taxpayers taxed with the simple method decreased by 1.6 percent to 829 thousand 5.

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