According to the compilation made from the data of the Presidency of Strategy and Budget, an appropriation of 21 billion 203 million TL was allocated for 335 projects within the scope of ICT investments of central government institutions in the country.

Among the public institutions that plan to make the most ICT investments this year, Information Technologies and Communications Authority (BTK) ranked first with projects such as “Infrastructure Establishment in Settlements Without Mobile Communication Infrastructure” and “Hardware-Infrastructure Expansion for Big Data”. The institution has allocated approximately 3 billion liras for these investments this year. 2 billion 752 million liras of this appropriation will be used for the installation of mobile communication infrastructure.

The Ministry of Commerce ranked second with an investment of 2 billion 926 million TL for projects such as “National Vehicle and Container Scanning Systems” and “Information Systems Maintenance and Renewal”.

While the Ministry of National Education ranks third among the institutions that invest the most in technology infrastructure, it will spend 2 billion 254 million liras on projects such as “Movement to Increase Opportunities, Improve Technology (FATIH)” and “Computer Infrastructure”. Within the framework of technology investments in education, a budget of 2 billion 210 million TL was allocated to the FATIH Project.

In addition to these institutions, the information and communication technologies infrastructure is 1 billion 517 million liras by the General Directorate of Security, 1 billion 503 million liras by the Revenue Administration, 1 billion 379 million liras by the Ministry of Interior, 734 million liras by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Turkey Electricity Transmission AŞ (TEİAŞ). ), 718 million liras will be invested by the Ministry of Justice, 693 million liras will be invested by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) and 553 million liras will be invested.

Institutions improve the infrastructure of information systems

On the other hand, the “Maintenance and Repair of Computer Systems” projects of the Revenue Administration, for which 1 billion liras are allocated, stand out as the ICT projects with the largest budget, while the investment of 650 million liras to be made by the Ministry of Interior in the “Maintenance of Population Services Systems Project” draws attention.

While the budgets allocated by institutions for the maintenance and renewal of information systems have an important share in this area, the Ministry of Justice has become prominent institutions in this field with an investment of 625 million lira, TPAO 540 million lira, and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance 400 million lira.

While TEİAŞ is among the main institutions investing in digital systems, 420 million lira will be spent on the Automatic Failure Analysis System this year.

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