In the statement made by the Turkish Capital Markets Association (TSPB), the results of the report titled “Turkish Capital Markets 2022” prepared by the association were shared.

Accordingly, Borsa Istanbul became the yield champion in 2022, when stock market returns were negative worldwide due to the increase in global inflation, strong monetary tightening steps by developed country central banks, increasing recession concerns and geopolitical risks.

While the total market value of the companies listed on the stock exchanges in the world decreased by 18 percent to 101 trillion dollars, Borsa Istanbul stood out as the stock exchange that provided the highest return among the organized stock exchanges, with an increase of 105 percent in dollar terms.

21 out of 91 exchanges yielded positive returns

MSCI ACWI Index, which reflects the performance of large and medium-sized companies in 23 developed and 24 developing countries, closed the year 2022 with a loss of 18 percent in dollar terms, while the MSCI Emerging Markets Index lost 20 percent. Last year, only 21 of 91 stock markets had positive returns, while 70 stocks ended the year with losses.

According to the main index data, Zimbabwe was the second stock market with the highest return in dollar terms among the organized stock exchanges in 2022, with 79 percent, while the Argentine Stock Exchange was the third with 40 percent and the Chilean Stock Exchange was the fourth with 27 percent.

Of the 10 stock exchanges with the highest loss, 4 were African, 4 were Asian stock markets, one was the USA and the other was the Polish Stock Exchange; Stock market indices in Sri Lanka, Ghana, the USA and Taiwan ended the year with losses exceeding 30 percent in dollar terms.

The market value of stock markets in the world fell to 101 trillion dollars

According to the “Turkish Capital Markets 2022” report, the total market value of the companies listed on the 83 stock exchanges, whose data were analyzed, decreased by 18 percent compared to the same period of the previous year and decreased to 101 trillion dollars at the end of 2022.

Half of the decrease in the total market value in the world stock markets last year came from the US stock markets. In terms of market value; The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) fell 13 percent compared to the previous year, while the Nasdaq OMX lost 33 percent.

The share of companies in the US stock exchanges (New York and Nasdaq OMX), whose market value decreased to $ 40 trillion at the end of 2022, with the effect of the losses, also fell to 39.6 percent.

This rate was 41 percent in 2021. Euronext Stock Exchange, which is the largest in Europe with a market value of 6 trillion dollars and includes the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Portugal, Norway and Italy stock markets, and Japan, China, Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock exchanges in the Far East block, following the US stock markets in terms of market value. constituted 26 percent of the total market value in the world stock markets.

Borsa Istanbul rose 8 places at once

According to the report, the New York Stock Exchange retained its title as the world’s most valuable stock market in 2022, with a market value exceeding $24 trillion. Nasdaq OMX was second with $16.2 trillion, while Shanghai was third with $6.7 trillion.

Borsa Istanbul rose 8 places compared to the previous year and ranked 30th in 2022 with a market value of 330 billion dollars.

While the ratio of the total market value of the world stock markets to the GDP of the relevant countries was 61 percent, the market value of Borsa Istanbul increased by 19 points compared to the previous year and reached 36 percent of the Turkish GDP.

The number of companies listed on stock exchanges in the world has approached 57 thousand

The number of domestic and foreign companies listed in 87 stock exchanges, excluding mutual funds and holdings, was 56,807. Among the stock exchanges examined, the stock market with the highest number of companies listed was Mumbai with 6,655, followed by the Japan Stock Exchange with 3,871 companies, and Nasdaq OMX with 3,688.

Borsa İstanbul, where 462 companies are listed, excluding securities investment trusts and exchange-traded funds, rose two places among 87 stock exchanges and ranked 28th.

Equity trading volume declined to $203 trillion

According to the TSPB’s “Turkish Capital Markets 2022” report, according to the compilation made on the data of the World Federation of Stock Exchanges, in 2022 the global stock trading volume decreased by 6 percent compared to the previous year and fell to 203 trillion dollars. Borsa İstanbul stock trading volume increased by 23% in dollar terms, unlike the world stock trading volume.

The total size of mutual funds in the world decreased by 15 percent in 2022, in parallel with the decline in stock market indices, to 60 trillion dollars. The USA ranked first in the world with its 29 trillion dollar mutual fund portfolio and constituted 48 percent of the world’s mutual fund size.

Luxembourg, which is the global center of investment institutions such as investment funds and investment trusts due to the opportunities it offers in tax and operational fields, has a national income of 82 billion dollars in 2022, while the size of the mutual fund has reached 5.4 trillion dollars, despite a decrease of 18 percent compared to the previous year.

Turkey’s mutual fund portfolio increased by 79 percent in dollar terms in 2022 and reached 36 billion dollars. With this figure, Türkiye rose 4 places in the world rankings and became 31st.

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