According to the information compiled from the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports for the last 12 months reached 254.4 billion dollars as of the end of May, while the export figure for the first 5 months was 102.5 billion dollars.

In the January-May period, Turkey’s exports of furniture, paper and forestry products amounted to 3 billion 318 million dollars.

While exports were made to a total of 202 countries in the said period, furniture, paper and forestry products were exported to 8 countries for more than 100 million dollars and to 129 countries for more than 1 million dollars.

Iraq was the country with the highest sales in the first 5 months, with 401 million dollars, while exports to this country increased by 1.5 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

Iraq was followed by Israel with 172.7 million dollars, the United Kingdom with 169 million dollars, Germany with 147.1 million dollars, Iran with 131 million dollars, and Libya with 120.4 million dollars.

USA took its place in the top 10 with $116 million, France with $104.7 million, Morocco with $99.5 million and Russia with $97.7 million.

The increase in Saudi Arabia approached 6 thousand 627 percent

In the January-May period, the highest increase among the countries where exports of furniture, paper and forestry products exceeded 1 million dollars was realized in Saudi Arabia, where exports of 51.3 million dollars were made. The increase in exports to this country approached 6 thousand 627 percent.

Saudi Arabia is followed by Latvia with 256.6 percent (3.4 million dollars), Thailand with 120.2 percent (2 million dollars), El Salvador with 111.1 percent (1.2 million dollars), and 103.5 percent. Russia followed.

The rate of increase is 99.7 percent in Ukraine, 96.4 percent in Belarus, 78.7 percent in Tajikistan, 78.6 percent in Brazil, 58.3 percent in Serbia, 53.8 percent in Lithuania took place as

Sector representatives, in their previous statements, stated that the 2023 target for exports of furniture, paper and forestry products is 10 billion dollars and drew attention to the fact that the decline in February due to earthquakes will be compensated in the coming months.

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