The Assembly will start the 28th Legislative Period with an intense agenda that will address important issues.

The Assembly will continue its legislative work to meet the needs and expectations of the society in the new period.

In the General Assembly of the Assembly, which will hold its first meeting on Tuesday after the election of the Speaker of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, the distribution of the members of the Presidency Council and the specialized commissions according to the parties will be determined.

In the General Assembly on Wednesday, the names of the members of the AK Party, CHP, Green Left Party, MHP and Iyi Party groups will be read and put to the vote.

After the election of the members in the General Assembly, the specialized commissions will convene under the chairmanship of the oldest member, select the chairmanship council consisting of the chairman, vice chairman, clerk member and spokesperson, and start their work.

Salary increases

The first task of the Assembly in the new legislative term will be to enact the bill that includes the regulations on the minimum wage and the increase in pension and civil servant salaries.

By establishing the Family and Youth Bank, the arrangements that include giving a loan of 150 thousand lira with a maturity of 48 months with a two-year grace and interest-free maturity of two years to the young people who want to get married, meeting one third of the premium expenses for the retirement of housewives, prolonging the period of 25 percent increase in rent increases, and imposing sanctions on exorbitant rent increases. will come to the agenda of the Assembly.

Meanwhile, weekly group meetings of political parties in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey will resume after a two-month break.

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