According to the information compiled from the European Statistical Office (Eurostat), Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) and Statista data, Turkey stands out among the European Union (EU) countries with the presence of animals.

The total number of cattle in EU countries, which was 75 million 705 thousand in 2021, decreased to 74 million 799 thousand last year.

France ranked first among EU countries in cattle breeding. The cattle stock of this country was calculated as 16 million 986 last year. France was followed by Germany with 10 million 997 thousand, the United Kingdom leaving the EU with 6 million 600 thousand, Ireland with 6 million 552 thousand, Spain with 6 million 456 thousand and Poland with 6 million 448 thousand.

Turkey, which ranked second in Europe after France in the presence of cattle until 2020, topped the list with 18.2 million cattle in the same year. The country entered this year at the top, maintaining its place in the first place with approximately 18 million cattle in 2021 and approximately 17 million 24 thousand cattle in 2022.

Türkiye made a difference to EU countries at a small start

The number of sheep and goats in EU countries was determined as 70 million in 2022.

In the said period, it was seen that Spain was the leading country in the number of sheep among sheep and goats in EU countries. While Spain did not lose the first place for years, Romania, Greece, France and Italy took place in the top 3 over the years.

While the number of sheep in Spain reached 14 million 453 thousand last year, this country was followed by Romania with 10 million 443 thousand, Greece with 7 million 378 thousand, France with 6 million 597 thousand, Italy with 6 million 568 thousand and Ireland with 4 million 18 thousand.

In the same period, Turkey’s sheep assets were recorded as 44 million 688 thousand. Türkiye has made a big difference to EU countries in this field.

Number of goats surpasses EU total

Among the EU countries, Greece took the first place in the number of goats among the sheep and goats with 2 million 961 thousand. Greece was followed by Spain with 2 million 463 thousand, Romania with 1 million 505 thousand, France with 1 million 311 thousand and Italy with 1 million 10 thousand.

Last year, total goat assets in Turkey were recorded as 11 million 578 thousand. With this number, Türkiye exceeded the total of EU countries.

With these figures, the total number of sheep and goats in Turkey reached 56 million 266 thousand by 2022.

Türkiye broke its own record for cattle and sheep in 2021

The number of cattle in Turkey was 14 million 533 thousand in 2013, 14 million 345 thousand in 2014, 14 million 128 thousand in 2015, 14 million 222 thousand in 2016 and 16 million 105 thousand in 2017. In the last 5 years, the number of cattle was recorded as 17 million 221 thousand in 2018, 17 million 872 thousand in 2019, 18 million 158 thousand in 2020, 18 million 36 thousand in 2021 and 17 million 24 thousand in 2022. .

The number of sheep and goats was 38 million 510 thousand in 2013, 41 million 485 thousand in 2014, 41 million 924 thousand in 2015, 41 million 329 thousand in 2016 and 44 million 312 thousand in 2017.

The said number was 46 million 117 thousand in 2018, 48 million 481 thousand in 2019, 54 million 113 thousand in 2020 and 57 million 519 thousand in 2021. Thus, the highest animal population in total was reached in 2021 with 75 million 555 thousand 321.

Turkey broke a record in the number of cattle and ovine animals in 2021.

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